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System and Integration

Flex it. Shape it. Count on it.

Smooth system integration cuts lead time

You and your colleagues may have tons of ideas, but it often takes too much effort to try them out. Now you can explore new solutions by changing products within minutes – fast and environmentally friendly, with total quality control.

Based on a mechanical, reel-to-reel process with no chemical etching, DP Patterning’s unique design boosts innovation, automation and sustainable productivity. Through our patented system the DPP machine can be integrated with all proven standard cliché manufacturing equipment available on the market. This solution allows you to change products in minutes and do test runs of new prototypes in less than an hour – in the same equipment.

High capacity and quick product changes reduce lead time to minutes.

Reduced need for supervision, less material and smart logistics cut costs.

Advanced software ensures efficient automation and continuous control of operation parameters.

Patented design and intellectual property stay inhouse.

A sustainable, chemical-free operation

The DPP machines ensure a sustainable, chemical-free operation with a capacity suitable for any production volume. Whether you choose to integrate the machine directly into your reel-to-reel or pick-and-place process, or via the standard FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Boards) assembly line, you will experience significant benefits for your operation.

Traditional process

Picture displaying a traditional process

DPP Process

Picture displaying the DPP process

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