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The DPP method

The Dry-Phase Patterning (DPP) method allows you to manufacture conducting structures on flexible materials like metals, paper, or plastic. Using a principle almost as simple as punching a hole in a paper. To put it short, a cliché presses out your desired pattern on a material, or “web”, consisting of a conducting top layer and a dielectric bottom carrier. A milling wheel then mechanically removes the protruding pattern from the top layer (the pattern layer). The bottom carrier remains untouched. This leaves a conductive pattern on the laminate. This patented process brings you instant advantages, such as increased cost efficiency, reduced lead times, and environmentally friendly, sustainable production. Not to mention the safety aspects – the smooth integration in your current production line means you can keep all the intellectual property in-house.

Other applications

Our technology can also be used for non-electronic and non-conductive applications. Such as plastic or paper decor, or functional 3D structures, like micro-fluid channels or cavities for leveling electronic components.

With the DPP method you can use various types of organic material as the carrier. For example PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), PC (Polycarbonate), PI (Polyimide) or PEN (Polyethylene naphthalate). Depending on desired thickness and end result, use Al (aluminum), Cu (copper) or (CCA) Copper-Clad Aluminum as top layer. The charts below show typical values for the different alternatives.

Material structure

Carrier Thickness25 – 125 µm35 to 75 µm25 – 125 µm
Conductor ThicknessStandard: 10 & 20 µm
Up to: 40 µm
Standard: 9 & 18 µm
Up to: 36 µm
Standard: 10 & 20 µm Al, Cu layer: 150 nm
Up to: 40 µm Al

Design guide

Spacing down to100 µ150 µ100 µ
Pitch down to400 µ500 µ400 µ
Patterning Accuracy10 µ10 µ10 µ

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