Designed for System & Solution Providers with electronic assembly capacity, Dry Phase Patterning (DPP) technology is on course to disrupt flexible circuit board manufacturing. A game-changing sustainable solution for local in-house production, this new technology can be customized to secure sourcing and reduce costs significantly.

Sustainable state-of-the-art operation

We are proud to present our revolutionised technology Dry Phase Patterning with our machine DPP-360. Designed for fast and automated operation.

Let us embrace you!

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DP Patterning is on a mission to outdate traditional FPCB production with a better and environmentally friendly solution. We are a team of researchers and engineers, committed to innovation and revolutionizing circuit board manufacturing with a unique, versatile and cost-effective green-tech solution, says Staffan Nordlinder, CEO

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Time to market is shorter than ever

Run prototypes and volume production simultaneously, while cutting lead time, controlling quality and protecting your intellectual property.


The versatility and flexiblity of the DP Patterning technology open up for countless applications. Some of them we may not even know yet, but one thing is certain: when working closely with our customers, we know we can develop customised solutions that will benefit your specific business.

These are some of the areas that have proven great potential for our products and production technologies:

The RFID market is expected to skyrocket within the next years. Here, the DPP technology is a true game changer.
Since the market of automotive electronics is developing very rapidly, we expect to find great opportunities for our technology.
LED Light
The LED light industry is another fast-growing market with great potential. We are excited to begin deliveries in this area within the next year.


Innovation is all about simplicity

The Dry Phase Patterning (DPP) technology not only revolutionizes the manufacturing of electric circuits – it turns it upside down.

This is the material on which the pattern will be produced. It consists of a bottom carrying layer of e.g. plastic or paper, and a top layer to be patterned, for instance a metal or a polymer.
A standardized and easily replaceable type of custom made cliché that is used for instance in the printing industry.
In this step, the elevated pattern is mechanically removed from the top layer. Residue can easily be recycled.
The cutting blade mills away the pattern that the cliché (3) has pressed out through the material, with great precision.

Patterning process

Let us explain the innovative idea behind our technology – it is all about simplifying the production process.

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What we do

How to fix Flexible-PCB sourcing issues

A comparison of Chemical wet etching and Dry Phase Patterning.

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Profitable environmental consciousness

Profitable environmental consciousness

One of the most prominent benefits of the DP Patterning technology, is the environmental value.

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Our services

Service and maintenance
Spend less time and money on cleaning and repairing – when it comes to service and maintenance, the DP Patterning machine is a first-class choice.
Development and design
We all live in a fast-moving world of change, and the ability to adapt to new demands is crucial. Our close cooperation with the Swedish Research Institute, RISE, ensures that our solutions are based on outstanding material science and cutting-edge technology know-how.

About us

We ensure that state-of-the-art product quality goes hand in hand with reduced environmental impact


After 15 years of innovation and refinements aiming to turn an idea into a feasible, sustainable, and profitable product, we finally reached our first goal in 2013 when we founded DP Patterning AB.

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