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Our passion is working closely with you, our customer.

The successful organic growth of DP Patterning is a result of working closely together with our customers. Many of our employees are experienced in advanced research and development that originates in The Swedish Research Institute (RISE), and the cooperation with the institute is an important on-going partnership for DP Patterning. Innovation and advanced research are always close at hand when developing certain specifications or applications.

Make use of our skills and experience.

DP Patterning is recognized for technical expertise and deep knowledge; assets that our engineering team pays forward through our products and further to our customers. Designed and manufactured in Sweden, according to the latest international industry standards and regulations, our machines are built in a scalable production environment and assembled by our own technicians to ensure that the quality meets – and often exceeds – our customers’ expectations.

Our engineers also have international experience in business development and sales, a fact that confirms and ensures that both existing and new customers will always benefit from the most suitable solutions.

Aimed for System & Solutions Providers as well as Subsystem Suppliers

A unique feature of DP Patterning machines is the possibility to easily run production of big volumes as well as prototypes. With traditional processes, this would be aggravated by long lead times and days of testing.

DP Patterning assembles the manufacturing in one single machine that can easily be housed by the System & Solution Providers as well as Subsystem Suppliers to take control over their own circuit board production without any involvement of a Component Manufacturer, which results in a 10 times faster step from raw material to finished product.

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