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DPP-360, Sustainable state-of-the-art operation

Smart, accessible solutions when you need it – the versatile DPP-360, the most advanced of our patented dry phase patterning machines, is designed for fast and automated operation.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient, easily operated solution, the DPP-360 is your choice. Highly automated functions and a chemical-free process enable smooth and clean integration into your SMT facility. The DPP-360 machine is user-friendly and fits seamlessly with your current production line, leading to better flexibility and productivity.

Machine Properties

ValueDependencyTypical Values e.g. Automotive
Processing speedUser Interface30 m/min
Production capacity1 200 000 m2/yearMaterial750 m2/h
Residual productRecyclable metal and carier, dry phaseMaterial
User InterfaceTouch screen operator panel

Material Properties

ValueDependencyTypical Values
Conductive materialMost soft metalsAl
Conductor thickness<35µmMaterial18µm
Carrier materialMost flexible materialsPET
Carrier thickness20-200µmMaterial50µm
Material formatReel
Max roll weightReel

Pattern Properties

ValueDependencyTypical Values
Pattern spacing>100µmMaterial>250µm
Pattern pitch>400µmMaterial>1000µm
Line definition roughness<30µmMaterial~10µm
Repeat pattern sizeW360xL450-1500mmMaterial / Machine360x800mm
Pattern masterPhoto sensitive relief printing plate

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System and Integration

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