Did you know that our solution can reduce the global impact of your production?

Sustainability and environmental awareness are strong competitive factors and essential for continuous, long-term business development. The connection between profitability and environmental responsibility has never been more significant. Our technology can reduce the global impact of your production. Replacing hazardous traditional chemical etching processes by sub-suppliers in distant countries with an in-house, mechanical reel-to-reel process. Our customers experience great cost savings and the new lifecycle impact of their products are drastically decreased.

Check out our new calculator to learn about your potential global impact reduction. If your sourcing stinks – change it!

The new generation of DP Patterning is starting to take shape. As the market grows, so does our team at DP Patterning. Learn more about our latest additions – Brad, Erik and Thea!

Picture of Brad Lindqvist

Brad Lindqvist, Process Engineer

What tasks do you have at DPP?

I will be working in process development with a focus on test and validation for both customer and internal projects. As well as working on increasing the process efficiency.

What is your background?

I moved from Uppsala to Linköping to pursue my studies in mechanical engineering at Linköping University. I have developed a passion for problem-solving and continually challenge myself to evolve, which has led me to this role. 

What are you looking forward to with this job?

I am excited to apply my university knowledge in an active and dynamic environment. I look forward to having the opportunity to grow as an individual and learn a lot of new things!

Picture of Erik Berggren

Erik Berggren, Sales Assistant

What tasks do you have at DPP?

As a sales assistant, I am supporting the sales side. My responsibilities include managing customer relationships, finding and meeting potential customers, and providing project support within DP Patterning’s scope of operations.

What is your background?

I am a fourth-year M.Sc. student in Mechanical Engineering finishing my master in energy- and environmental technology, while pursuing a B.Sc in Economics.

I once joined DP Patterning as a summer intern in 2019, drawn to the exciting atmosphere of a young company on its way to revolutionize the industry. Back then, I appreciated the dynamic environment and the company’s commitment to sustainable innovation and improvement. Now, I’m thrilled to be back in a position where I have the opportunity to discuss cost and sustainability benefits with the DPP process!

What are you looking forward to with this job? 

I started my second round at DP Patterning a year ago. While I’ve grown familiar with the ins and outs of the sales role, there is always room for new challenges and opportunities. The dynamic nature of sales keeps things exciting, and I am constantly learning. Looking ahead, I am looking forward to continuing exploring how our innovative technology can help more potential customers contribute to more efficient and sustainable operations.

Picture of Thea Forsberg

Thea Forsberg, Marketing Assistant

What tasks do you have at DPP?

As a marketing assistant, my tasks range from strategic planning of marketing and fairs to creating material for the website. I will be responsible for the visual appearances and tasks such as updating the website and LinkedIn with exciting news. 

What is your background?

I grew up in Sollefteå and moved to Linköping to study Graphic Design and Communication at Linköping University. I am now at my second year of studies and have gathered experiences in a wide range of areas, from interaction design to intellectual property law.

What are you looking forward to with this job?

I am looking forward to further building DP Patterning’s brand and spreading the message about our innovative and sustainable solution in new, fun ways!

Do you want low environmental impact for your high volume production?

On April 11, our CEO and founder Staffan Nordlinder will be presenting at Embedded Conference Scandinavia. The presentation will focus on the core principles of the novel DPP technology, highlighting its distinct process advantages: 

Our technology is focused on sustainability and facilitates a shift in the electronics industry towards more sustainable productions. It paves the way for cost-effective reshored production.

Time and place: Thursday April 11th, 14.15-15.00, Kistamässan Stockholm! 

See you there!