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DP Patterning proudly announces the launch of our brand-new DPP cleaning module.

Flex it. Shape it. Count on it.

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DP Patterning offer an innovative solution to revolutionize flexible circuit board manufacturing. Our patented Dry Phase Patterning (DPP) technology use a highly flexible mechanical reel-to-reel process to replace etching chemicals. It is a game-changing sustainable process for high-performance production. The DPP 360 system is in full serial production at our customers manufacturing sites, and now we proudly announce the launch of our brand-new DPP cleaning module to enhance the cleanliness to a level best described as ultra-fine cleanliness at an impressive Roll to Roll speed.

In the video below our founder and CEO Staffan Nordlinder is presenting the new ultra-fine cleaning module and explaining the benefits for new and existing customers.

Through a combination of brushing, rinsing and drying zones, even the smallest particles are reliably removed from the produced FPCB parts, guaranteeing compliance with industry standards for cleanliness.

The fully automated system qualifies the DPP process for even higher voltage and smaller pitch applications and ensures post-processing performance such as, component placement, printing and lamination.

As with all DPP products, sustainability and low energy consumption are key, as is the full customization of the module to your specific needs.

Today we support manufacturers and front-runners in the automotive, LED lighting and RFID sectors, while continuously developing new system solutions to individual customer requirements. Contact us to learn more about what DP Patterning can do for your business!

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