Sustainable state-of-the-art operation

Smart, accessible solutions when you need it – the versatile DPP-360, the most advanced of our patented dry phase patterning machines, is designed for fast and automated operation.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient, easily operated solution, the DPP-360 is your choice. Highly automated functions and a chemical-free process enable smooth and clean integration into your SMT facility. The DPP-360 machine is user-friendly and fits seamlessly with your current production line, leading to better flexibility and productivity.

Machine Properties

Value Dependency Typical Values e.g. Automotive
Processing speed 1-30 m/min 30 m/min
Production capacity mm2/year Material 5180 m2/8h
Residual product Recyclable metal and carier, dry phase Material
Length 4840mm (6280mm with expansion module) Machine
Width 1535mm (2060mm with operators panel)
Height 1540mm
Weight 5200kg Machine
User Interface Touch screen operator panel

Material Properties

Value Dependency Typical Values
Conductive material Most soft metals Al
Conductor thickness <30µm Material 18µm
Carrier material Most flexible materials PET
Carrier thickness 12-200µm Material 50µm
Material format Reel
Max raw material roll diameter 530mm
Max processed material roll diameter 600mm
Core dimension >76mm
Max roll weight 160kg

Pattern Properties

Value Dependency Typical Values
Pattern spacing >50µm Material >250µm
Pattern pitch >300µm Material >1000µm
Line definition roughness <30µm Material ~25µm
Repeat pattern size W360xL450-800mm Material / Machine 360x800mm
Pattern master Photo sensitive relief printing plate

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