DP Patterning presenting at “Greener Electronics Day” in Stockholm, September 11th

Roman Armgarth, R&D Manager at DP Patterning will be presenting Dry Phase Patterning’s sustainable production system for Flexible Electronics at the one-day event “Greener Electronics” (towards a sustainable digital development and a greener electronics industry) – arranged by RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) and The Swedish Electronics Trade Association. 

A revolution in flexible circuit manufacturing – Cutting CO2 emissions by 99%

Roman will introduce how DP Patterning is revolutionizing flexible circuit board manufacturing with efficient solutions for green-tech production. Roman will also be in a panel discussion together with representatives from Volvo and Ligna Energy. 

DP Patterning is in the business of globally revolutionizing circuit board manufacturing with flexible and cost-efficient green-tech solutions

DP Patterning offers the market a strategic change of sourcing of Flexible PCB (FPCB). The change implies integration of Flexible PCB manufacturing into the electronic assembly activities for system and application suppliers.

Our unique and patented Dry Phase Patterning technology enables environmentally friendly and cost-efficient production of flexible electric circuit boards. Replacing hazardous traditional chemical etching processes from sub-suppliers in distant countries with an in-house, mechanical reel-to-reel process, this is both a game-changing solution for sustainability and allows for local high-quality production. By simplifying the production process, and by cutting lead times as well as significantly reducing international transports, waste management efforts and costs are reduced.

The Dry Phase Patterning production system is designed for System & Solution Providers with electronic assembly capacity and for in-house production. By bringing the production of Flexible PCBs in-house, an entire step in the traditional chain of production can be cut. 

Today we support manufacturers in the automotive, EVs, LED lighting and RFID sectors, while continuously engineering and developing new system solutions to individual customer requirements.

If you would like to book a meeting with Roman at the Greener electronics day and or connect, please send an e-mail to roman.armgarth@dppatterning.com.

For individual discussions about your interest in the Dry Phase Patterning system, please contact: 

Tommy Höglund

Sales & Marketing Manager


Mobile: +46 72 245 46 74

Roman Armgarth