After 15 years of innovation and refinements aiming to turn an idea into a feasible, sustainable, and profitable product, we reached our first goal in 2013 when we founded DP Patterning AB. Now we were ready to launch and establish a cost-efficient, simple production process that presented the lowest possible environmental impact. The innovation also had other competitive advantages that we expected should attract customers, such as short manufacturing lead times and significant cost reduction. Soon after having established the first machine with our partner Mühlbauer GmbH already in 2014, we were ready to introduce our technology also on a wider market.


DP Patterning is recognized for technical expertise and deep knowledge; assets that our engineering team pays forward through our products and further to our customers. Designed and manufactured in Sweden, according to the latest national industry standards and regulations, our machines are built in a scalable production environment and finally assembled by our own technicians to ensure that the quality meets – and often exceeds – our customers’ expectations. Our engineers also have international experience in business development and sales, a fact that confirms and ensures that both existing and new customers will always benefit from the most suitable solutions.

DP Patterning is a mainly privately held company. The remaining part is owned by the Swedish Research Institute, RISE. This solution is a strong customer benefit, ensuring that innovation and advanced research is always close at hand when developing certain specifications or applications. In addition, we have continuous close cooperation with leading technical industries, like SKF and Sandvik Coromant.

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CEO: Staffan Nordlinder
Phone: +46 708 200 811

Sales: Tommy Höglund
Phone: +46 722 454 674

DP Patterning AB

Visiting address:
Södra Grytgatan 4
602 33 Norrköping, Sweden

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